3 Reasons Why Minimalistic Websites Are Here to Stay

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Trends are constantly changing the way we view things. This is especially evident when it comes to websites. About two decades ago, you see websites that are so bare and it is plainly about plain text with some light designs to match it as well.

Then, come the next decade, we start seeing more animations, pictures, and we even start to see videos being embedded on certain webpages as well. It is at this decade where websites became busier each passing year.

The rationale was that you want to cram as many things as possible so that your website will look beautiful whilst also providing the user a plethora of options to choose from to peruse the site, among many others.

However, nowadays, we reverted back to the simpler days of website creation where there is a movement to push for more minimalistic and simplistic webpages.

Yeah, you can still see some images, animations, and videos on websites. However, they are not as many and they are not as prominent like the decade ago based on the research made by the best website design company.

So, what’s changed? And why are people shifting to a more minimalistic approach?

The Improvement of the User Experience

A decade ago, smartphones weren’t a thing. Yeah, it was introduced in 2007 with the advent of the first iPhone, but since then, many phone companies adopted the design and so, we now use smartphones more frequently now more than ever.

Since the advent of smartphones and tablets, the screens they come with are quite small that it cannot accommodate plenty of things without the interface looking so convoluted. Therefore, one of the main reasons why there is a push for minimalism in website creation is so that it caters to as many devices as possible.

Also, even though a lot of things are crammed on websites before, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it improved the user experience. In fact, it was the opposite as the move made it harder for people to see what they’re looking for.

So, minimalism actually started with the rationale that it helps improve the user experience by stripping down unnecessary elements while only maintaining the most important ones.

Helps People Stay

Have you seen websites like Craigslist? The site has been around for so many years and yet, it hasn’t adapted to the simplistic style yet (and I don’t think it ever will). People usually do not stay for far too long and you can just click on as many links as you want.

However, part of SEO is for you to have a low bounce rate, meaning, you do not want people leaving your site immediately after they came in.

Keeping only the most important links on your site and incorporating some inbound links can really help them stay on your site for much longer.

It Just Looks Better Overall

I want you to try out something. Open two websites: one with a minimalistic design and one that is just too “loud” with a lot of graphical nonsense that doesn’t really add a lot of value.

Once you do so, I am going to ask you a question: which one did you prefer the most? I am pretty confident that you’re going to choose one that has the more simplistic design.

And, do you want to know why I am confident? Because the vast majority of people, when asked the same question, actually preferred the more minimalistic one. It is easy to peruse, it contains only the most useful information they need, and there really isn’t anything else that they could ask for.

In other words, a minimalistic website has enough graphics to make it look nice, but more importantly, it has everything that they could need- all presented in a nice package.

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