The Major iOS 12 Update For iPhone Users

It was truly fortunate for me because as i just received and started using  an iPhone, Apple announced earlier sometimes within mid this year that they’re going dished out new and major iOS update for iPhone users. The famous mobile developer company stated the major changes the update brings will include new features and functions to its camera app.

The New Camera App Called Measure Is Added By Apple

The Measure is for detecting the dimensions of a photo when you point it to a photo and tells you the numbers.

New Updates, Makes The Photo App Smarter and More Interactive

The updates made by Apple on Photo app are subtle but it made the app on par with the likes of Google Photo:

  • Search suggestion. It will generate and suggest people, places, events etc. When you select a term it  generate photos related to the selected term.
  • Search refinements. You able to search multiple term.
  • For You. This feature will generate personalized items such as memory movies, featured photos and this day image automatically. Much like Google Photos.
  • Sharing suggestion. This feature will suggest photos and videos to be share with the people who are in them. If they accept the shared images from you, they will received recommendation to share back their photos with you. This sharing feature is end-to-end encryption and works via Message.

Shortcut For Accessing Siri

With this new shortcut for Siri it’ll surely speed things up and get more things done quickly for you. Siri will give suggestion based on your habit, for example if every you order coffee for breakfast, Siri will ask you if you’re ready and wants to order coffee?

Following this new update, Siri will have preloaded Siri Shortcuts. You will have the option to create your very own verbal shortcut. When you say a phrase like “play some music for me” it will activate the music player app of your choice.

Stocks And News Redesigned Looks

Apple has upgraded the Stock to display more relevant business news and sparklines stock’s moves throughout the day. For a more in-depth look and analysis at the stock’s movements, you can click on it, this include after hour pricing which wasn’t available in previous version.

The iPad for the very first time will have the Stock app added to it as well.

The redesign will allow you to jump straight to your favorite news sources. On iPad, there will be new sidebar added for a much easier navigation.

The Voice Memo Is Getting Redesign As Well

The Voice Memo will also be added to iPad for the very first time. And it is getting redesign across the board as well for a smooth navigation on any platform, including Mac.

The Voice Memo will be getting iCloud support, now you will able to access your memo from any device.

iBook Renamed To Apple Books

Not only it’s getting redesign but it’ll rename too. We say goodbye to iBook and hello to Apple Books. The redesign for Apple Books will include Book Store tab with top chart and curated collections.

Apple CarPlay Now Supports Third-Parties

What this means is you won’t be limited to using Apple app alone when connect your iPhone to your car, you’ll able to use Google Map and Waze.

The New iOS 12 Seems To Combat Phone Addiction

These are the measures taken:

  • Do not disturb during bedtime. With this enable you won’t receive any notifications until the next morning.
  • You can set the end time for do not disturb. You can do this by force touching the button in the control center.
  • Screen time. With this feature you’ll know how much time you have spent over the week.
  • New parental controls. This new parental control lets parents know what their children smartphones are accessing via notifications.

Notifications Will Be Grouped By App

This feature is what iPhone users had been begging for years, and now it is finally here. Now notifications will be grouped by app which will make it easier to deal piles and piles notification.


Add Your Student ID Card To Your Wallet To Unlock Doors

This feature is still limited to certain universities, but don’t worry it’ll made available in other universities and places as well.

FaceTime With A Whole Bunch Of People (Up To 32 people)

Now you can FaceTime with multiple simultaneously, up to 32 participants in one time to be exact.

Participants can be add at any point and people can choose to join and active conversation from any Apple device.

New Memoji,  Animoji And Camera Effects

  • Memoji. The animated avatar emoji can be customized to look like you and mimics your facial expression and head movements.
  • Four new animated emoji added. They are a koala, a tiger, a T-Rex and a ghost.
  • iMessage and FaceTime getting new animoji and memoji as well. You’ll be to add new filters, animoji, and memoji to your photos and FaceTime videos. You can add stickers and text in your iMessage conversations.

ARKit 2 Lets You Share Your Augmented-Reality Experience With Others

ARKit was introduced last year and this is it’s first major update.

This major update includes new and improved face-tracking, more realistic rendering, support for 3D objects detection and the ability to start AR based on real world object or space. It also support shared experiences, where two or more people can play AR game together.



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